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Share sports equipment with people who love your sport

How it works

Upendu lets you rent skis, snowboards, boots and whatever you need to enjoy the snow from enthusiasts like you

How many times have you had problems with rental shops? Missed reservations, damage occurred during use that you had to repay, long queues, unprepared and lazy staff? Our solution aims to create a link between those who need equipment with others who have spare equipment or simply who has it idle for most of the winter season.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner snowboarder and are looking for you first board or you are an expert skier and want to try the best skis. Upendu is the peer-to-peer service which lets you save money, allowing the rental from other sportsmen. If instead you use your skis or snowboard for just one week of the season or you have spare equipment, use Upendu to earn money renting your equipment to other enthusiasts.




We're starting with skiing, snowboarding and alpine skiing. You can choose what we do next!

In order to develop a really useful service we need your viewpoint. How can you activate a sport? Tell us the next sports Upendu should add by subscribing to our mailing list.

But remember to share: the more friends who love your sport that join Upendu, the more possibilities you have.


here we tell our story, our achievements and the interviews we've done

On our blog you can find not only the latest updates about the development of Upendu but also some episodes from our story so far, like our trip to San Francisco or the acceleration programme we did in Milan.

We're also collecting a series of interviews in order to better understand the problems Upendu is trying to solve. Check out some of the links below for people we have already interviewed.


we are more used to having fun than to taking ourselves too seriously

We are three young entrepreneurs who met in 2010 during a university programme for talented students (Alta Scuola Politecnica). We are keen on social and technological innovation.

We all believe in the future of sharing economy and we want to be part of this change, starting in Italy. Since we are friends more than colleagues we are a very close-knit team. Fabio and Riccardo joined us a few months ago and their skills have completed the team.